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AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM will be held on Sunday 19th June 2016 at Bermondsey Village Hall, Kirby Grove, London S.E.11. Nearest station London Bridge.

Hypokalaemia DNA Test

The genetic test for Hypokalaemia is available to members at a discounted rate.  You can find all the information about the test at the following link.

Please contact me or Frances Bell ( for the code needed to claim your discount.

Although breeders can take their own swabs for testing, the Langford site states that only results from a swab taken by a vet who has verified the cat’s microchip can be recorded on a genetic database held by International Cat Care (formerly FAB). 

Sue Chase

Burmese Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) – Registration Policy

The GCCF have approved the registration of imported Burmese cats which is now permitted as long as the necessary genetic tests had been carried out. The approved Registration Policy is attached. This is seen as the start of the process to begin opening up the gene pool and will be of particular benefit to those breeders who have already imported cats. 

In addition the BAC has voted to accept the principle of allowing the out-crossing of Burmese to other pedigree breeds; the next step is to decide which specific breeds. Discussions are in hand with Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones and Professor Leslie Lyons, who have agreed to give further advice in this matter.  A further revision will be made to the Burmese registration policy once a firm decision has been made.

Download the policy


The committee of the Burmese Cat Club has decided to undertake a survey into the current health of the Burmese cat.  This is particularly important given the recent decision to allow the GCCF registration of imported cats and the likely decision to allow outcrossing to specified breeds in the future.  Breeders are encouraged to complete the questionnaire.

The Burmese Breed in the UK - The Way Forward
Burmese Litter Data Form 1
Burmese Litter Data Form 2